Chapter 12 Marketing your package

We will help you promoting your package but here are some more things to keep in mind.

  • If you hear of an use case of your package, please post the link to our discussion forum in the Use Cases category and tag Scott Chamberlain (@sckott) for inclusion in the rOpenSci biweekly newsletter (or tag Scott on Slack). We also recommend you to add a link to the use case in a “use cases in the wild” section of your README.

  • When you release a new version of your package or release it to CRAN for the first time,

    • Make a pull request to R Weekly with a line about the release under the “New Releases” section (or “New Packages” for the first GitHub/CRAN release).

    • Tweet about it using the “#rstats” hashtag and tag rOpenSci! Example.

    • Consider submitting a technote about the release to rOpenSci technotes blog. Contact Stefanie Butland, rOpenSci community manager, (e.g. via Slack or ). The guidelines about contributing a blog post can be found here).

    • Submit your package to lists of packages such as CRAN Task Views, and rOpenSci non-CRAN Task Views.

  • If you choose to market your package by giving a talk about it at a meetup or conference (excellent idea!) read this article of Jenny Bryan’s and Mara Averick’s.