10  rOpenSci package maintenance cheatsheet

A reminder of infrastructure and contact channels for maintainers of rOpenSci packages.

10.1 Help needed?

If you need punctual help (say, a PR review; or some CI troubleshooting), or help looking for co-maintainers or a new maintainer, or if you need us to retire your package, ping us in GitHub via @ropensci/admin or email [email protected]. You can also use our slack package maintenance channel.

Never hesitate to ask for help.

10.2 GitHub repository access

You should have administrative access to your package’s GitHub repository. If that is no longer the case (say, the automated process failed; or you lost access after having to temporarily deactivate two-factor authentication), please contact us via [email protected].

10.3 Other GitHub topics

If you have any GitHub question or request (adding a collaborator to the GitHub organization for instance) you can use a public channel of the rOpenSci slack workspace or ping @ropensci/admin on GitHub.

10.4 pkgdown documentation

See rOpenSci docs.

10.5 Access to rOpenSci slack workspace

Package maintainers and developers should get access to rOpenSci slack. If you did not get the invitation or did not accept it in time, or if you want a new regular contributor receive an invitation please email [email protected], indicating to which email address you wish to receive the invitation.

You might find the #package-maintenance channel relevant for Q&A as well as friendly commiseration when needed.

10.6 Package blog posts

Refer to our blog guide.

10.7 Package issues promotion

Label issues with “help wanted” to get them broadcasted to the community.

10.8 Package use cases promotion

You can report use cases of your package or encourage users to report them via our forum to get them published on our website and in our newsletter.