E Review request template

Editors may make use of the e-mail template below in recruiting reviewers.


Hi, this is [EDITOR]. [FRIENDLY BANTER]. I'm writing to ask if you would be willing to review a package for rOpenSci. As you probably know, rOpenSci conducts peer review of R packages contributed to our collection in a manner similar to journals.

The package, [PACKAGE] by [AUTHOR(S)], does [FUNCTION]. You can find it on GitHub here: [REPO LINK]. We conduct our open review process via GitHub as well, here: [ONBOARDING ISSUE]

If you accept, note that we ask reviewers to complete reviews in three weeks. (We’ve found it takes a similar amount of time to review a package as an academic paper.)

Our [reviewers guide] details what we look for in a package review, and includes links to example reviews. Our standards are detailed in our [packaging guide], and we provide a reviewer [template] for you to use. Please make sure you do not have a [conflict of interest](https://devguide.ropensci.org/policies.html#coi) preventing you from reviewing this package. If you have questions or feedback, feel free to ask me or post to the [rOpenSci forum].

Are you able to review? If you can not, suggestions for alternate reviewers are always helpful. If I don't hear from you within a week, I will assume you are unable to
review at this time.

Thank you for your time.



[reviewers guide]: https://devguide.ropensci.org/reviewerguide.html
[packaging guide]: https://devguide.ropensci.org/building.html
[template]: https://devguide.ropensci.org/reviewtemplate.html
[rOpenSci forum]: https://discuss.ropensci.org/