B Review template

## Package Review

*Please check off boxes as applicable, and elaborate in comments below.  Your review is not limited to these topics, as described in the reviewer guide*

- **Briefly describe any working relationship you have (had) with the package authors.**
- [ ] As the reviewer I confirm that there are no [conflicts of interest](https://devguide.ropensci.org/policies.html#coi) for me to review this work (If you are unsure whether you are in conflict, please speak to your editor _before_ starting your review).

#### Documentation

The package includes all the following forms of documentation:

- [ ] **A statement of need** clearly stating problems the software is designed to solve and its target audience in README
- [ ] **Installation instructions:** for the development version of package and any non-standard dependencies in README
- [ ] **Vignette(s)** demonstrating major functionality that runs successfully locally
- [ ] **Function Documentation:** for all exported functions in R help
- [ ] **Examples** for all exported functions in R Help that run successfully locally
- [ ] **Community guidelines** including contribution guidelines in the README or CONTRIBUTING, and DESCRIPTION with `URL`, `BugReports` and `Maintainer` (which may be autogenerated via `[email protected]`).

>##### For packages co-submitting to JOSS
>- [ ] The package has an **obvious research application** according to [JOSS's definition](https://joss.theoj.org/about#submission_requirements)
>The package contains a `paper.md` matching [JOSS's requirements](https://joss.theoj.org/about#paper_structure) with:
>- [ ] **A short summary** describing the high-level functionality of the software
>- [ ] **Authors:**  A list of authors with their affiliations
>- [ ] **A statement of need** clearly stating problems the software is designed to solve and its target audience.
>- [ ] **References:** with DOIs for all those that have one (e.g. papers, datasets, software).

#### Functionality

- [ ] **Installation:** Installation succeeds as documented.
- [ ] **Functionality:** Any functional claims of the software been confirmed.
- [ ] **Performance:** Any performance claims of the software been confirmed.
- [ ] **Automated tests:** Unit tests cover essential functions of the package
   and a reasonable range of inputs and conditions. All tests pass on the local machine.
- [ ] **Packaging guidelines**: The package conforms to the rOpenSci packaging guidelines

#### Final approval (post-review)

- [ ] **The author has responded to my review and made changes to my satisfaction. I recommend approving this package.**

Estimated hours spent reviewing:

- [ ] Should the author(s) deem it appropriate, I agree to be acknowledged as a package reviewer ("rev" role) in the package DESCRIPTION file.


### Review Comments